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What image formats does Shoebox support?


Shoebox backs up JPEG and PNG images.

These are the most common image formats for phones, cameras, computers, screenshots and the web.

High Efficency Image Format (HEIC / HEIF)

Apple introduced HEIC, a new image format, in September 2017.

Our iPhone and iPad apps will back up a full resolution JPEG copy of your HEIC images. This way, you can continue to view and share images on the web, Windows, Android, Mac and other platforms which don't support HEIC.

Be sure to update your iOS app to version 3.4.2 or higher to backup HEIC images.


We don't currently support Raw image formats. 


There is no limit to the number of photos you can backup to Shoebox.

Individual images are limited to 20 megabytes. Typically photos are only about 2 megabytes so this limit shouldn't impact you unless you have a very high-end camera and are capturing photos over 30 megapixels.

Images are stored at the maximum resolution included in your plan. See the pricing page for details.

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