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How do I delete photos from Shoebox?

Double check before deleting photos. Once photos have been deleted in Shoebox they are gone from Shoebox for good. 

To delete a single photo: 

  1. Open it up 
  2. Select delete (the trash can button). 

To delete multiple photos: 

  1. While viewing a gallery, tap and hold any photo to enter selection mode.
  2. Select the photos you wish to be deleted. 
    • On iPhone/iPad - tap the trash can button to delete all selected photos. 
    • On Android - tap the 'Delete Selected' option in the menu item to delete all selected photos. 

To delete multiple photos on Windows, Mac or Web: 

  1. Open up a gallery.
  2. Click the check mark button to enter selection mode. 
  3. While in selection mode, select multiple photos by clicking each one or by performing a shift + click to select a range of photos. 
  4. Once you have the desired photos selected, tap the 'Delete' button or (trash can) to delete them. 

To delete photos from your device, but keep them safe in Shoebox: see the answer titled "Can I delete my photos off my computer/phone/tablet once they are on Shoebox?"

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