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How do I delete photos from Shoebox?

Double check before deleting photos. Once photos have been deleted in Shoebox they are gone from Shoebox for good. 

To delete a single photo: 

  1. Open it up 
  2. Select delete (the trash can button). 

To delete multiple photos: 

  1. While viewing a gallery, tap and hold any photo to enter selection mode.
  2. Select the photos you wish to be deleted. 
    • On iPhone/iPad - tap the trash can button to delete all selected photos. 
    • On Android - tap the 'Delete Selected' option in the menu item to delete all selected photos. 

To delete multiple photos on Windows, Mac or Web: 

  1. Open up a gallery.
  2. Click the check mark button to enter selection mode. 
  3. While in selection mode, select multiple photos by clicking each one or by performing a shift + click to select a range of photos. 
  4. Once you have the desired photos selected, tap the 'Delete' button or (trash can) to delete them. 

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