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How can I organize my photos in Shoebox? (albums, folders)

Shoebox was designed to organize your collection automatically in fun and exciting new ways using the data embedded in the photo files themselves.

1) Automatically Organized: Timeline. The Timeline view displays your entire photo collection in reverse chronological order, and our various Search features allows you to search via criteria like Location, season, year, month etc.

All your photos are automatically sorted by date in your timeline. For most people, timeline is the easiest and fastest way to find photos. 
If the date of a photo or video is incorrect, see this help article here for how to manually fix it.
2) Manually Organized: Albums (Folders). You can also manually organize your collection in to albums (which are similar to folders on a PC).
To organize your collection into Albums (Folders):
  • In any view, click the 'Share' or 'Check Mark' icon. 
  • Select the desired photos. 
  • From the action menu, click "Add to Album". 
  • You can add additional photos to an album at anytime by clicking the Share or Check Mark icon, making your selection then adding those photos to your album of choice.
  • To rename an Albums section, click into any album title to rename your albums.
3) Rediscovery: Home Feed and Explore. The Home Feed and Explore* sections are not sorted by date or name. Like your Facebook feed, they are often updated with new stories, which makes them a fun way to relive moments, but not ideal for finding a specific photo or day. If you are looking for a specific photo or day, you should use your Timeline.
*The Explore view is currently available on our apps for iPhone and iPad.

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