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Why was I charged for Shoebox Pro?

If you are here because you saw a charge from Shoebox on your credit card, here are details about the charge:

  • Shoebox is an app that offers unlimited cloud photo storage to keep your memories safe. You can learn more about Shoebox on our homepage.
  • If your card was charged it means you or someone in your family chose to upgrade to our 'Shoebox Pro' account, which is a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Shoebox Pro is a premium version of Shoebox that keeps your photos safely backed up at their original resolution. If you lose your phone or your computer breaks, we keep your photo safely backed up at their maximum quality. You can learn more about Shoebox Pro on our pricing page.
  • By default all users are on our free plan. We wouldn’t have access to your credit card number unless you or someone in your household chose to upgrade to Pro.

If you don’t remember upgrading to Shoebox Pro, be sure to check with any family members you might share your credit card with. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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