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Can I delete my photos off my computer/phone/tablet once they are on Shoebox?

Shoebox will continue to store photos unless you have explicitly chosen to delete them from within Shoebox.

However, before you delete your photos from your device please ensure all photos have been successfully backed up and ensure you are running the most up-to-date version of the Shoebox. Photos are stored at the resolution provided by your plan. 

On Android: screen resolution preview images are backed up before the full resolution images. Don't delete the original until the full resolution version is backed up on Shoebox. To ensure full resolution images are backed up open the Sync Settings then check to make sure that the Sync Status says “Backup Complete”.

The 'Free Space' feature on iPhone and iPad scans your phone's camera roll to find photos that can be deleted to free up the space on your device. It will only delete photos that have been backed up to your Shoebox account. You'll still be able to access the photos from within Shoebox, but they will no longer take up storage space on your device.

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